See the Advantage!
Thermal Imaging cameras see heat differences in materials. This allows me to locate areas of interest not observable to the naked eye.
Moisture causes the spot to be cooler than the surrounding area resulting in anomalies that can be seen by the camera.
Missing Insulation
Missing/compacted insulation reduces a home's energy efficiency and costs more to keep at a comfortable level.
Mechanical Operation
Tracing pipes, electrical loads, and operations of your home's mechanical systems are all possibilies with Thermal Imaging.
Get the most out of your inspection!
Tile or slate roof? Steep pitches? Snow? Don't settle for an inspector who tries to inspect from the ground. R.O.O.F.R. uses top of the line GPS and collision avoidance sensors to get within 3' of the roof surface. Once there, R.O.O.F.R. can take 4K video, or pictures without the inherent risk of using a ladder or damage to the shingles during the hot summer months.

Part 107 UAS Pilot License.
  1. 4K Resolution
    Don't worry about missing a thing! With 4K images and video, ROOFR can see any defect in the roofing and materials.
  2. Marketing Videos
    Stand out from the competition! ROOFR can also shoot images and video for realtors and clients. From stand-alone image sessions with on-the-spot image transfer, to overnight video edits, ROOFR has you covered.
  3. See more than just the roof
    Contact 6224 Home Inspections today and see what ROOFR can do for you! Starting at $60